Field Boundaries

Field Boundaries

Agrimetrics provides field boundaries for over 2.7 million fields in the UK. These can be accessed standalone or combined with other Field Explorer API's, to provide field attributed data such as weather forecasts, historical weather and soil information.


The Field Boundaries API allows you to access boundaries as follows:

  • A single boundary via its ID
  • A series of boundaries via their ID's
  • A single boundary for a specified point, if that point is within a field.
  • All boundaries within a given radius of a specified point
  • All boundaries within a given region described by a supplied polygon (for example: a farm, parish or water catchement)

Note: Searches will be faster if the region is a rectangle aligned with the coordinate grid, particularly if its large

Return Formats:

The API can return field boundary information in the following formats:

  • JSON (with embedded GeoJSON)
  • GeoJSON feature collection
  • Zipped ESRI Shape files suitable for use in tools such as ArcGIS

All formats also return a unique field ID for each field boundary which can used with other Field Explorer API's to return attributed data for that field.

More Information

  • The Field Boundaries API description provide full details of parameters and return Formats
  • The API Examples GitHub repository contains a code example in Python