Geospatial Data Set

Not all the spatial data sets are currently available over the Geospatial API, but we plan to make all spatial data sets available over it soon.


The Geospatial API provides an easy to use, common API for developers to query any geospatial data set available on the Agrimetrics Marketplace.

At its core it has a very simple structure, you provide it the location (polygon) you are interested within a data set layer and it returns the data within.

Key Concepts

What is a Data Set

More information on creating a data set can be found in the creating a data set guide.

What is a Data Set ID

A data set ID is the unique identifier of the marketplace entry that you are looking at. As well as being used to navigate to specific data sets in our marketplace, it is often required to call our APIs. For example, when
listing the layers on a data set.

You can find the data set ID from the URL for the data set in the Agrimetircs Marketplace


Check the URL for the data set ID.

What is a Layer

Data is gathered in a layer to represent points, lines, polygons and surfaces. For example, you might have a layer containing all the county boundaries in the UK. This layer would be made up of multiple polygons, each polygon would represent one county. Each polygon can have multiple attributes, such as an ID, an area, a name etc.


Data set containing geospatial data

Currently each data set can only contain one layer

What is a Layer ID

A layer ID is the unique identifier of a layer found within a data set. This will be required when calling the Geospatial API to get the geospatial extents for a layer, search on layers etc.

You can find the layer id for a geospatial data set by going to its Files tab and getting it from the files Layer id column in the table.


Check the Files tab to get the Layer ID.