Product Trial

You can try out Field Explorer by creating a developer account and subscribing on the product page. The trial allows full access to the API's for a limited number of locations.

Calls to the API products can be made from your coding environment or through this portal.

  • While logged into this portal, navigate to the API documentation and use the "Try it" button for a particular end-point. The portal will automatically include your trial subscription key in the header of the API call, and display the contents of the API call and response.
  • From your own development environment, construct a call to the relevant end-point and set header parameters including providing your subscription key. This is visible to you in your profile on this portal.

Trial Access

While on a trial, API access is limited as follows:

  • Field Facts - 20 pre-determined fields. See below
  • Field Trends - 20 pre-determined fields. See below
  • Field Forecasts - 20 pre-determined fields. See below
  • Field Search - 100 fields in a predefined area. See below
  • Field Finder - no restrictions

To upgrade to a full subscription, contact Agrimetrics to discuss your needs.

Facts, Trends and Forecasts

The trial allows access to Field Facts, Field Trends and Field Forecasts for the following 20 fields. Requesting any other field IDs will return a 403 response, signalling that you do not have access to those resources.

  • C6BgTxUxhMG_OCGrLGW8qw
  • FmFjEA3-rb-yhMh1Tf9Dng
  • H61CuJtOF06uCn6Lwuq5mw
  • xPhFAJePqJHcEjfozkjPSg
  • HHuKDH_OldV_QxA9LqXdqA
  • XL838KIWMMq1uluXaHO9Jg
  • MvfivAh5cGH0n8008acAdQ
  • D1Fx9CwnOGPsj9JEHX5IkA
  • FXyswhUHJ6wM_i2xAxejSQ
  • uj6o-cLQLS3kRXooI1b0Iw
  • 6e5rvSqI2ZAufv2y6D4Ipg
  • -8Ux5v46seUPmyjqH3-5Sw
  • 2qVBEK94qxxaqxH_m-laGQ
  • vp-SsGtlA_518HSKxStCgA
  • vmK8rfUIeruj4ihV_nRk0g
  • uaJT-oRe5tbj_JSamvl88g
  • WxmkZwX95Wl7I7VsEGrL_g
  • t2_Nvo3PM4YvtbQ4XjHqCw
  • XEfivcZLFI_VWAOIX3-zrA
  • QzQkmdlXPNXW8Xo-Z6OgNw


Trial access to Field Search is limited to 100 fields within a 30 x 30 km square area (between Oxford and Cambridge) defined by the following GeoJSON polygon:

 'type': 'Polygon',