• CEH Pesticide API

    v1 Documentation

    For retrieving and querying CEH pesticide data in the UK. These data are served in 1km geospatial grid cells at a cost of 0.25 credits per cell. An interest in the specific grid cells must be registered before data can be retrieved.

    1. Search for the geospatial grid cells you want using the POST /geospatial-grid-cells/search or GET /geospatial-grid-cells/field if you have an Agrimetrics Field Id.
    2. Check the total cost of registering interest in the set of geospatial grid cells using POST /interest/costs.
    3. Register the interest in the set of geospatial grid cells using POST /interest. You will incur a 0.25 credit charge for each newly registered geospatial grid cell.
    4. Retrieve pesticide data using POST /pesticides/search, these requests will incur no additional charges.
    5. To search across your registered interests, you can use the POST /interests/search endpoint.

    For full details of CEH pesticide data set see: https://app.agrimetrics.co.uk/catalog/data-sets/78269a6d-e354-4f58-bb2d-9abdaee2436c.

  • Field Boundaries API

    v1 Documentation

    This API returns field boundaries for 2.7 million fields in the UK.

  • Field Facts API

    v1 Documentation

    This API offers users the ability to access multiple field-level datasets including critical sustainability factors of soil type, weather, altitude and natural habitats.

    • Long-term averages for monthly temperatures - minimum, maximum, mean, days of air frost
    • Long-term averages for monthly rainfall - total (precipitation in mm), days over 1mm, days over 10mm
    • Long-term averages for growing degree days - base 5.5°C (applicable to wheat and other cereals)
    • Topsoil and subsoil textures (using USDA definitions for particle size thresholds and for soil texture based on component percentages)
    • Topsoil chemistry and biological parameters
    • Altitude
    • Priority habitats within or in the neighbourhood of the field
    • Water catchment information from the Water Framework Directive.
  • Field Finder (utility API)

    v1 Documentation

    This utility API returns a field identifier for the provided latitude and longitude. This identifier is used with Field Explorer APIs to access data about the field.

  • Field Forecasts API

    v1 Documentation

    This API offers users the ability to forecast crop development which can help to inform crop management, profitability and food sourcing decisions. The data provided covers the past two weeks to allow the assessment of the current state of crops or grass, and a nine-day forecast. Together they inform the decision-making based on the impact the weather is having on the crop development.

    • Daily temperature data - minimum, maximum and average
    • Daily rainfall (precipitation in mm)
    • Daily humidity
    • Daily wind speed.

    Values for whole days are given as 00:00 GMT for the relevant day. Forecasts given are the most recent available for the location; the date-time of model execution is provided for each forecast parameter.